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Galen Michaels & Associates is a recognized name in professional résumé preparation due mainly to our ability to help people get job interviews. Being a competitively priced, accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, Galen Michaels & Associates has earned the trust of clients locally in Detroit as well as nationwide by delivering consistently high quality products and services.

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Based out of Detroit, we specialize in résumé counseling and preparation for the purpose of helping people either attain gainful employment or improve their employment situation. We increase the probability of a résumé getting noticed through a well-balanced approach of matching talents and accomplishments to career ambitions.

Why do men have the oil in their vehicles professionally changed? Because they trust experience to do the job right! Why do women have their hair professionally styled and their nails professionally manicured? Because they trust the experts to provide outstanding results. 

Why should you have your résumé prepared by one of our professional writers? Because you want the expert who cares about you and your ability to stand apart from the rest. Because your career just may depend on it

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We guarantee 100% client satisfaction!

Our Detroit company is founded on the principle that the act of working and earning is a fundamental building block of American society and that anyone who wishes to work should be afforded that opportunity.

We are proud to help our Detroit and nationwide clients in their efforts to secure interviews leading to employment by providing research, expertise, and professional writing to build résumés that open doors!

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