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The “Cover” Letter

Cover letters explain to employers why you are interested in them, the job they have available, and why your resume deserves their attention. While your resume explains your qualifications, the cover letter focuses on your specific strengths and should be tailored to fit each specific employer. The letter compliments the resume; it does not simply repeat it.

Many times hiring managers and human resource professionals sift through hundreds of letters that merely blend together. They are looking for things that distinguish you from other applicants. This is where we can help you!

Our letters are designed with the intent of getting you an interview!

Our letters are carefully prepared using the same format as business letters. They are direct and honest, neat, well-arranged, mechanically flawless, and provide a unique message to each employer that connects your experiences with the requirements of the job.

As with your resume, our writer will spend time with you finding out as much as possible about the employer you are interested in and specific job you intend to apply for. Once the letter is written, we will review it with you and finalize. The letter will state your willingness and availability for interviews.

Sample Cover Letter 1

Sample Cover Letter 2

…and after the interview…

The “Thank You” Letter

Now that your interview has taken place, should you relax and wait for the employer to respond? The answer is a resounding NO! Remember that you are in a sales campaign and every opportunity should be capitalized on to keep your name in front of the decision makers.

The difference between you getting the job and someone else getting the job may boil down to who sent a follow-up “thank you” letter right after the interview. A “thank you” letter does more than acknowledge your gratitude for an interview that has taken place. It provides a valuable opportunity to recap major points of your conversation and to reaffirm to an employer why you are the best fit for the job. This is the extra step that goes into making you the outstanding and memorable candidate in the mind of the employer. If done correctly, this step can put you a cut above the competition. By adding the finishing touches, you'll be the most outstanding candidate and the best person to hire.

Our writer will craft a “thank you” letter tailored to the culture of the company and to the relationship you have established with the person(s) who interviewed you. Time is the critical factor.

So few people send “thank you” letters, and it could make the difference between who gets the job!

Sample Thank You Letter 1

Sample Thank You Letter 2

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