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Every corporate executive knows what it takes to get to the top—drive, determination, and dedication! Chief executive officers are among the highest paid and best-compensated employees in the working world. However, becoming one usually takes several years of hard work and a track record of proven success. Of course, a critical piece is matching your qualifications to the specific situation. This is where we can help you!

With executive responsibilities, there is an increased emphasis on leadership, integrity, assertiveness, aggressiveness, and self-development. A corporate executive will perform any or all of the following:

  • Establish vision
  • Formulate sound business strategies
  • Provide clear strategic direction
  • Undertake research and analysis
  • Develop people
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • Manage resources (including human capital) and risk
  • Recruit, select, and induct staff
  • Procure goods and services
  • Promote quality outcomes
  • Understand relationships
  • Set the example upon which corporate culture is based

The executive becomes the embodiment of the company.

The key to obtaining a senior position in an organization is to have qualities most people in your organization respect along with the right academic qualifications and a profile of major achievements in your field. You should have strong views on key issues, convey a sense of knowing what to do, and have the assertiveness to make a strong case for your preferred decisions. People who select you must be confident that you know better what to do in specific situations than other candidates. Aspiring CEOs will be competing with peers on an intellectual plane.

You also need a strong commercial understanding, a deep awareness of your market, and an ability to delegate and motivate people.

As we prepare an executive resume or curriculum vitae, we will look for the following artifacts:

  1. A bachelor's degree appropriate to the area of application. A liberal arts degree is acceptable as long as you possess an advanced degree, such as an MBA.                                                               
  2. Specific career goals you have set for yourself and have met or exceeded. As a chief executive officer, you will be responsible for setting company goals and implementing them. If you have a clear understanding of goal setting and a track record for success, you are more likely to find work as an executive.                                                                                                                                                
  3. A professional portfolio of your work and accomplishments, including presentations, books, and published articles.

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Sample Resumes:

Executive Sample 1

Executive Sample 2

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